Lore Channel Bumper

Video / Motion


This channel bumper was created for LORE, the Lost Underworld TV channel. It was for all the paranormal creatures that few people know about. Beyond the cliche vampire, zombie and werewolf lies so many creatures that deserve to be seen. The channel bumper creates an animation for a few of the creatures.

A Brownie, who are like small elves and they love cleaning so it shows sweeping off with a dust cloud, then causing a curtain to rise up to form the strings of a harp for a siren. It falls to create slowly growing mushrooms that form a fairy ring that turns to flashing lightning which the daughters of Odin, Valkyries, feed on. Then a Welcome slowly fades on to lead you to the LORE, which appears to be growing hair. All timed to the music The Bird and The worm by the Used.

  •    Programs:

    After Effects

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